From the rugged highlands of Niassa to the 2,500 km. of virgin coast that crowns radiant blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique is a land of extreme beauty and allure. It is paradise enjoyed by 21 million residents, 99.7% of which are indigenous tribal groups, and the rest are Europeans and others that have succumbed to its pristine beaches and its unexplored and unspoiled game reserves. A blend of African, Arabic, Indian and Portuguese influences make for delicious cuisine, exciting music and dance, and a cheerful population.

With the return of peace and political stability in Mozambique, coupled with a smooth transition to democracy, the country has reclaimed its status as one of Africa’s treasures. The atmosphere is bright and optimistic as roads, bridges and hotels are built, and development forges ahead at full speed.

Come experience Mozambique at this very exhilarating and distinctive moment in its history with Safrique as your safari guide.

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Renowed big game hunter and former NASCAR driver Wally Dallenbach was Safrique’s first client and we are now proud to announce that he is the first charter member of The Mozambique Big Game Hunt Club.

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Concession - Niassa Reserve Block L1

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